SISMANIDIS TOURS has become known for the organized trips in Turkey around the country and mainly in Instanbul.

With the weekly trips that are scheduled each Thursday and Saturday all year give to the travellers the chance to be near the places where their ancestors lived, performing the duty that each Greek person should perform at least once in their life.

The company also offers organized group packets (clubs,schools, etc.) in this area, with an interest mainly on the visit of some concrete areas, old greek villages and monuments.

The reputation that has been established in the organisation of trips in Turkey, SISMANIDIS TOURS, "open his wings" and developes, creating a base for an improvement in the field of tourism.

The reason of this increase, is the transportation of its base in a bigger area, close to the old base, in the same address, number 130. From this area, with the support and trust of its customers, it will continue to develop the dream that has started 36 years ago!


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